Products & Research


To help you meet your clients’ goals, Summit provides a wide range of offerings through Cetera which allow you to tailor an optimum combination of products for each client's needs.

And because we are product-neutral, we do not push you to sell any particular products or use a particular provider. You are free to select what is right for your client. If there's a product that we do not currently offer, we'll conduct the due diligence to determine if it can be made available.

Products include:


Mutual Funds

Life Insurance


Fixed Income

Structured Products





Whether you manage your clients' portfolios yourself or choose a third-party manager, you’ll have access to a wide variety of high-quality and well-regarded research, free of bias or preference for particular products or sponsors. From qualitative overviews to quantitative deep dives, you can draw on over 100,000 pages of constantly updated, vital information on the latest news and stock information, and over 10,000 investment strategy reports and industry-leading economic forecasts.

Research provided includes:

Wells Fargo

BNY Jaywalk

Cetera Investment Management

Credit Suisse

Standard & Poor's

Thomson Financial

Dorsey Wright


Market Edge

Cetera Investment Management

We provide in-depth market perspectives and timely economic insights to keep you well-informed on the latest developments on the macroeconomic front. Money manager recommendations, model portfolios and asset allocation guidance help you deliver sound investment advice to your clients.