Advanced Planning Group

A Central Support Network

When you contact Cetera's Advanced Planning Group, you'll discover a unique support system unlike that at any other broker-dealer—a team of in-house specialists who are accessible, responsive and committed to supporting you and your business.

Any time you need assistance, you can count on the Advanced Planning Group to:

  • Provide timely and reliable guidance
  • Respond to your inquiries with complete answers
  • Provide advice on technical or legal issues
  • Discuss alternative planning strategies
  • Furnish reference materials, documentation or sales materials on specific topics
  • Offer consultation with your clients' attorneys or other professional advisors to assist with especially complex matters

A One-Stop Sales Resource

The Advanced Planning Group is prepared to support your sales and servicing efforts in key planning areas by providing the following comprehensive tools and resources:

  • Tax and legal updates
  • Comprehensive research
  • Unique planning strategies
  • Written authority and specimen documents
  • Computer-generated proposals

A Conduit to Greater Success

The Advanced Planning Group is an invaluable resource that offers a consultative approach and a wealth of information.

With the primary goal of helping you advance your business, the Advanced Planning Group is dedicated to making it easier for you to obtain the advice and support you need to best serve your clients.