Date: 01.29.19

Cetera® Demonstrates Commitment to Technology Innovation at Prominent Advisor Conference

Los Angeles, CA – Cetera today announced its technology innovation plans for the coming year, highlighting the firm's commitment to giving its growing network of financial advisors the tools and support to thrive in an ever-changing profession.

Among other innovations in technology to be unveiled in 2019, Cetera will be rolling out a new portal for advisors and clients, AdviceWorks™, an easy-to-use, digital platform that enables advisors to effectively manage their practice and more deeply engage with clients. Also, this year, Cetera will be launching new features of its emotion recognition and behavior analysis platform, Decipher™, which helps advisors better understand clients' feelings and thinking styles in relation to money and investing.

Cetera is showcasing its Decipher platform at the Technology Tools for Today (T3) Advisor Conference at the Denton Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, January 29 through February 1, at Booth 114/116. Adam Antoniades, President of Cetera, will also be presenting, "Crystallizing the Value of Advice" on January 30, from 1:20 p.m.– 2 p.m. in the Equestrian Ballroom. T3 is a practice management and technology conference for independent and hybrid financial advisors.

Majdah alQuhtani, Founder and Wealth Manager of Altus Wealth Management, said, "Decipher creates a unique opportunity to leverage technology, enabling a more connected advisor and client experience. This is a tool that advisors can use to peel back the layers of a client's emotions and gain a deeper understanding about how they feel and think about money, allowing the advisor to create a financial plan that best meets their needs."

Adam Antoniades, President of Cetera, said, "Cetera is leveraging advances in technology to enable a more human experience in the provision of financial advice and to amplify the value of human advice. We have significant innovations in our technology stack that we will be rolling out to our advisors and their clients this year, designed to facilitate what we call an Advice-Centric Experience®, which envisions a profession driven by high-caliber, planning-based advice for clients. As the profession grapples with disruption, our technology helps advisors accomplish three things: it allows the advisor to offer value beyond the planning and implementation of investment management; it provides a path for them to shift their business model according to client requirements; and enables them to scale, while delivering a personalized experience for clients."

Cetera's technology platform supports five phases of the Advice-Centric Experience:

  • Attract – bring in new clients with services and capabilities that enhance their experience
  • Engage – apply personalization and different ways to connect
  • Plan – joining plan to person with customization, a deeper understanding of client needs and behaviors
  • Implement – tools that streamline an advisors' daily tasks while better serving the entirety of client needs and goals
  • Guide – ongoing advice and services

Michael Oana, Certified Retirement Counselor, said, "Cetera provides all of the tools and technology that a financial advisor needs to successfully maintain their practice, as well as to build and grow, with all of the behind-the-scenes guidance and training. It would be highly unlikely that an advisor wouldn't be successful being part of the Cetera family."

About Cetera Financial Group®

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