Why Is It So Easy?

Guiding new financial advisors through the transition process is one of the things we do best. Leveraging our extensive experience in having transitioned hundreds of advisors, we have a keen knowledge and appreciation of exactly what it takes to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible.

That’s why Summit believes we’re able to get our financial advisors up and running faster than any other firm in the business. In fact, you'll discover that your transition process will actually be a business building opportunity—the perfect chance to reconnect with your clients, offer new services and products and gather additional assets.

Summit’s advances in transitioning your business include many of these processes:

  • A dedicated transition team, with backgrounds in Operations and Technology to be on call to you and your office staff.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated transition coordinator who will act as your Concierge throughout the entire transition process for training and providing customized solutions to your practice.
  • If you request, we will send the transition team to your office(s) to train your staff and facilitate the paperwork process to transfer your business to Summit.
  • You will receive a customized transition plan to accommodate your schedule.
  • eLaunch – Paperless licensing and registration process

You will be assigned a Practice Management Consultant to gauge the current state of your business to uncover opportunities for business growth. Further engagements with our consultants will help you navigate and align resources to achieve your goals.Including:

  • Business Development: branding and marketing, client acquisition and engagement
  • Operational Efficiency: business processes and workflows, technology use and client services
  • Human Capital: organizational structure, onboarding and hiring and performance management
  • Business Management: bottom line & client level profitability and financial management
  • Succession Planning: continuity and succession planning along with business acquisition

You will be given a surplus of Compliance-approved marketing materials to leverage in your communications with your clients. These materials include the “Why I Changed Firms” and “The Right Connections” customized client brochures for you to use with your clients.

Guidance on increasing your brand presence and marketing your business from our Business Consultants, including website development, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and other marketing strategies.